Photo Galleries
Come On To My House... Come On To My House!
The Den/Play Room
Here are some shots of very dear friends. If you are not here - just give me time.(Click to enlarge or read more)

The Library/Study/Office
Here are a few newspaper clipping from over the years.(Click to enlarge and read more.)

The Family Room
Here you will find images of my family and special times. I hope you enjoy!

The Art Gallery/Studio
I picked up a paint brush for the first time a little over two years ago. Before that, I had never painted anything but my fingernails. It is fun! (Click to enlarge or read more.) I really want to take a lesson or two.

The Bar/Lounge/Forest Gump Room
You simply must not take this room seriously. It is all in fun. (You gotta click and read on a lot of these!)

The Grounds/Stables/Aviary
A home is not a home without a dog... a cat... and lots of birds.

The Living Room and Nursery
Oldies, but goodies...

The Garden/Kitchen/Dinning Room
Good things goin' on here!

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